Jaguar Vision

Foresight of Fiora Ravensky

Grow towards the best of yourself.


Being more good than evil is easy, we must strive to be more good than good.


At all times maintain an active foot.


Challenge even your own breath.


When you are given one answer, find two more…

…then go dark and think of three more yet again.


Settle any argument with your lovers naked, and in the bedroom.


How do we handle emergencies? The same way as anything else: the best we can.


The best emergencies are the ones that turn out to be simulations.


Righteous anger feels nice, but it usually does more harm than good.


A grudge should last no longer than the people involved can personally explain why.


The lesson the wilds teach us is that we need not possess a thing in order to appreciate it.


The curse of power is that almost all things are possible, except the ones you really want. It is up to the individual to decide how best to use, or not use, that power.

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