Tiger’s Rules of Adventuring

Tiger the Wanderer is a fictional cartoon character in a fictional world. Nevertheless, many of his pithy sayings seem like good ones.

Note: each of these is always named as the first rule of adventuring…

  • think of yourself, then others

  • let your companions manage their own business

  • happy trails start with happy feet

  • never split the adventure party

  • the easy way rarely leads to treasure

  • no plan survives a brush with the wilds

  • respect your dungeon

  • choose your battles

  • be willing to accept a little mystery for peace

  • there’s always something better ‘round the corner

  • when a client asks if you can do something, always say yes, and figure out the how later

  • the interview is where the money is made

  • the day they pay you is the only day governments feel like good things

  • believe you are the master, or else you never will be

  • what your gaze settles on twice, notice

    • corollary of emergencies: some things need tended at first warning
  • adventures are only fun in retrospect, when you can laugh at the crazy luck that helped you survive

    • in the moment, you know you could be on an adventure if you realize you’re terrified
  • there is always room for a fox

  • be careful of names; even quick, fluid, or long forgotten ones can still hold some power

  • when acts of god, roll with it

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