bioethics is all of modern science’s best “right answer” at how we all should treat each other, based on the idea we’re all living, thinking, feeling, beings

the discussion of bioethics dates back decades, and includes experts on medicine, psychology, philosophy, law, and technology

there is a lot of controversy on what this means

a lot of discussions revolve around medicine: what’s ethical to create; when is it ethical to allow to die?

but over the last several decades, a few axis of common values have emerged. even on this list there’s not consensus

my own favorite version has four core values, upon which we should make all our ethical decisions:

  1. beneficence
  2. non-maleficence
  3. autonomy
  4. justice


that which does good


avoiding that which harms others


respecting each other’s agency to decide our own lives


respecting the social debt we owe each other

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