Wisdom of the Ages

Rules the author has lived by, roughly in order they were added from childhood to early adulthood.

  1. Never Assume Anything

  2. To Every Rule There Is An Exception

  3. Any System, No Matter How Chaotic, Can Be Viewed From A Reference Frame Where It Makes Nominal Sense.

    • this is called “perspectivism?”
  4. There Are Absolutely No Absolutes

  5. Everything Integrates With Everything

    • this is heavily inspired by the Central Limit Thereom of statistics
  6. Thought Becomes Action

    • borowed from Frank Herbert’s Dune, specifically the tenants of Prana Bindu
  7. Zen Through Art

  8. Do Not Question Dues ex Mechina

    • from a defunct webcomic called “Journey to the West” staring Jack Crazyquilt
  9. Side, I’m On Nobody’s Side, Because Nobody Is On My Side

    • taken from Tolkien, specifically said by Treebeard
  10. When you start to lose, it’s time to change the rules

    • this is also called Tiger’s Law
  11. My Mind Controls My Reality

    • also from Dune / Bene Gesserit
    • also a principle of Buddhism
    • originally i’d phrase this: We decide our own beliefs
  12. Musubi

    • Aikido: a balance achieved through dynamic motion where cause and effect blend and become indistinguishable
  13. Never Let Them See You Bleed

  14. The Trickster Has To Hold His Ideas Lightly

    • Lewis Hyde, via an Emily Levine TED talk
  15. If you always strive to understand more, there is always more to understand

  16. When you break rules, break ‘em good and hard

    • Terry Pratchett, referencing wisdom of Granny Weatherwax
  17. There are three meaningful participants in any market: the established solution, the arguably better alternative, and the idealistic underdog we all wish could win

  18. smart people solve problems; geniuses prevent them

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