Theory of Mind

Current Operating Rules of Tuarumonos

These are the most recent and most up-to-date principles by which the author of this site is operating.

  • every dimension i understand adds to the dimensions i can understand on every past problem

  • try to optimize my own rules of operation

  • live in the moment, and know confidence because i’ve trained my instincts to fall constructively towards my own best interests

    • i.e. ‘be happy’
  • aim for opportunities when as many past-laid plans as possible can come together at once

  • judge mostly not whether things are good or bad but instead how important they are

  • communicate when it’s important to do so but try not to communicate when it’s better served to let situations develop

  • people realize more than their conscious mind does

  • 3 axis of mind

    • what needs to be done
    • what i’m confident enough to forgive myself for
    • what i understand
  • “dealing with a plurality of self”

    • 0 - truth is plural
      • there are as many truths as there are points of view
    • 1 - the self is plural
      • we ourselves have many internal points of view
    • 2 - i am plural
      • i do not understand all of myself at once
  • part of the secret to being a dynamic individual is tackling life one waking-period at a time. how does the want that i want now play with all the wants i wanted earlier today? will i want the same thing later today? not just now, not forever, just today. focus on today.

  • people need more time to think about things than they believe they do

  • shortcuts are okay

  • opportunities come to those who wait for them inside a path commonly taken by opportunities

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