everyone is the protagonist of their own story; or at least should be

given that, watch for these supporting characters in your own life:


a mentor is someone whom you look to as being better than you are right now, and they actively teach you how


a hero is someone whom you look up to as being better than you ever could be, and so they inspire you


a soulmate is a mirror who reflects you back at yourself, both the good parts and the bad. sometimes this person can drive you to improve out of shear spite


an anchor is a source of moral direction; they help you work out decisions, and provide a sense of rightness to what you do


an antagonist challenges you and makes you fight harder to succeed by bringing question, doubt, and a sense of wrongness to all your decisions. ironically, they secretly may be on your side and trying to help you grow


an adversary is against you; they want you to fail. this may be purely emotionless, you might just be an obstacle to them


an aggressor wants to hurt you. this is always emotional


a nemesis wants to destroy you and everything you stand for, and it probably stems from a personal grudge

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