a story of chakras

my mate – the fuzzy one – wants a backrub.

now we’d been talking for a while about this guide that i wanted to write, so we both knew our next detailed massage was going to be a little more theoretical than normal.

understand, we were also drunk and stoned, and had been taking turns picking songs to listen to. we had good groovy music in the brain and were mostly just looking for ways to flop all over each other.

but we went into it from a conversation about chakras.

i suggested my mate sit up, and i sat behind him on the bed and poked at the back side of his heart chakra. then i reached around with my other hand and found the front side of the heart chakra too, and told him they were connected.

i described how i think of the seven chakra as the seven control points for the curve of the spine. we all know control points, like when drawing curves in art and design tools. well, the human spine has its own control points for the flexing of it’s curves, and those are the seven chakra.

the seven chakra are the greatest of a family of related nodes that control the whole skeletal system. but more on nodes later.

the actual chakra are inside the body. what we study for massage is where each chakra projects to on the surface of the body.

the very top and bottom chakra project at a single point each, on the tip and taint of the body, respectively. but the five chakra in between project out both forward onto the chest, as well as back on to the back side of the body.

this is what i was showing my mate. with the fingers of each hand on the front and back sides of the heart chakra, i wanted him to think of the connection line in between.

my mate hunches forward a lot. he is pretty relaxed right now, so he is kind of sagging too. what i mean is the line through his core is very tilted. so i challenge him to make it level, that is, to raise the front side where i was touching to be on the same horizontal as the back side.

instantly his posture straightens up.

so we go on like this. i mean, i’d do rubs too, and actually knead at muscles along the way. it can’t all be theory, ya know? we’ve gotta enjoy this too.

but for this writing, back to the theory. my mate asked where all the chakra were, and so we went exploring.

i moved down first. we started at the heart node, and so i rubbed down his back to the soul node next. here too, i reached around and found the corresponding point on the front, and encouraged him to think of them together.

here’s a thing i remember as i write it: on both heart and soul, i could find the front point easy, within seconds. the heart node is right between the breasts, at the outermost curve of the chest bone. the soul is below the belly button, just about the point where the body folds when sitting. but on the back side, i needed his help refining.

i mean, this started as a backrub, and so i’d be rubbing his back and tenderizing an area around a node. then i’d reach around and find the front side of the node. but then i’d ask my mate if i had the back point right or needed to go higher or lower. and you know what? he wanted me to refine a little bit, each time.

that’s just fascinating to me.

anyway, we talked about the tail chakra next, but with the way he was sitting we didn’t go there yet. tail is on the tip of the tailbone on the back, or right under the shaft of the penis on the front.

unless the moment is supposed to be a sexy one, i don’t go for the front. there’s muscles near there i’ll go over if i’m allowed, as the whole front base pelvis is basically one giant sheet of muscle and tension. but the chakra itself, and its obvious sexual connotations, i don’t go for.

the embarrassing truth is this: i can usually make my mates squeak in a lot more pleasure from a massage than i can from sex.

further, these are very different modes of thought. i don’t like trying to evolve a massage into a happy ending, because it feels like operating at cross purposes. is the moment about relaxing, or getting excited? should have picked one or the other before starting.

today we had picked theoretical massage, so that’s what we talked about.

then we talked about the bottom chakra, the one on the taint.

i call that one the self, and i do not rub it. i do not because most people do not seem to like having it rubbed. there’s something so personal about this chakra that we do not like having it touched, ever.

but back to rubs given while my mate sits up. i kneaded up my mate’s back again and started picking on his shoulders.

his shoulders are always tight. he works hospitality for a living, so he’s doing a lot of lifting and arm movement in a day. but he’s also crooked, and he’ll vouch this annoys me all out of proportion to any level of reason. today, i despair that although we fixed his posture just a moment ago, he’s sagged again.

so i find his shoulder node, back and front, in the same way we had been doing the chakra. this is what i mean by chakra are just the main seven points of a skeletal-wide system of nodes. there’s actually an eighth control point along the spine, but it’s not a chakra. that is, it doesn’t have much to do with the flexing of the spine itself, but instead is part of how the shoulders hang off that spine.

anyway, this point is just below the neck, at about the point you get if you draw a horizontal line inward from the tip of each shoulder blade.

on the back side, this is the money-spot for professional massage. i mean that because i once had a therapist who was teaching class say that she made all her money off being able to find the tension in a client’s shoulder on each side of this point.

that’s the big trick of massaging along the spine, ya know? you don’t press on the spine directly, you feel for what muscles exist just to either side of it.

if you’re working down between the lower shoulders, the muscles kind of disappear underneath the shoulder blade, and a lot of what you’re trying to do is push the shoulder blade up and out. but up on the upper shoulder, just below the neck, you’re trying to push down and outward.

this is really important, so let me say it another way too: the more directionality you can put into rubbing on the shoulders, the better.

a massage is not about pushing into the bed, it’s about pushing into core of the body. when you’re working on the very tops of the shoulders, for instance, the direction of the body’s core is almost purely level with the bed, most certainly not into the bed.

truly, if my mate is laying down, i’ll sometimes even shuffle myself around to get above their head, just to be able to push down on their shoulders with the best leverage. but more on that in a minute.

because first let’s talk about neck. the neck has a chakra, right about in the middle of it. on the front side this is the center of the vocal cords. i do not rub the front side. it’s just unpleasant for the recipient to have their vocal cords rubbed.

what i will do is rub near it. but that needs prepared for. i hug my mate at this point and trace an arc from the front of his throat to one shoulder. then i trace another arc from his heart to the same shoulder. these both are tension paths that hold the neck and shoulders in position. we usually rub the back side in a massage, but these front side energy paths are equally important and it’s just a shame they don’t get as much attention.

the back of the neck is very important. however, i sometimes will gloss over it until i get the mind chakra. today is one such time.

the mind chakra is at the very tip of the spine. that is, on the back side you find it where the spine disappears into the skull. put your fingers on the back of your own neck, and wiggle your head around. if you still feel flex under your fingers and not bone, you’re not high enough.

this chakra is much higher than most people realize. that is to say, my number one peeve when receiving a backrub is my mate does not go high enough on my spine.

conversely, on the front side this chakra is lower than i think most people believe. that is, this is the “third eye” chakra, and most people put it in the center of the forehead. but i don’t feel it there.

i’m tracing this out on my mate as i talk about it. i’m using fingertips and tracing lines on his forehead. he’s got his head tilted back and his eyes closed.

where i tend to feel the chakra is right above the bridge of the nose.

i ease my touch there on my mate’s face. i’m using only one fingertip now, the middle one on my right hand, and the other fingers are held up, so not to poke him in the eyes.

this is my own tension spot. i mean, besides the one in my back next to the heart node. this spot, or rather slightly off-center and just above the inside corner of my right eyeball, seems to be the place where all my stress resides.

anyway, back to him. we play another game of make-these-level – front side and back side of the mind node. i frustrate all over again at the tilt between his shoulders and spend some time pushing him into upright posture again.

anyway, we finish up with the tip chakra, the very top of the crown of the head. i trace some energy lines on his head for a moment and we talk about it, but there’s not too much exciting about this one.

then i rub back down his back. this is a massage for squeak’s sake, not all theory.

i can’t help myself though, and spend a moment talking about that tension spot between the lower shoulders at the heart chakra. everybody seems to have one there. mine is on the right. my mate’s is more on the left.

then a moment later i find a spot on his lower back that frustrates me. a ton of tension, like i mean half a body’s worth of tension, running through one fold in his back.

it hits me in an instant what this is – it’s how he’s propping himself up. “lean back against me,” i say. he does, and the tension melts away. i trace the path it went up his back into his shoulders by means of my hands trapped under his back as he sprawls backwards against my chest.

then we tackle his neck all over again. i was slow getting to this because what i felt earlier scared me. what i felt was a collapse between his throat and mind chakra. like, the spine between those points had horizontal skew but no vertical separation.

this is totally a posture thing, and i mostly wanted him to stretch the back side of his neck. i asked him to tilt his head forward, chin down, while i rubbed the muscles on the back of this neck and generally tugged his spine longer by way of the handle of his head.

now here i introduced my own problem. once again, i was finding that all the tension in his neck was laying along one cord. then i realized he was holding his head up, like against gravity, rather than let it rest back against my tummy. i ask him to let it go, and again, all the tension freed up.

my takeaway is this is a mistake easy to make. if the body position is at stress in any way, that stress can be what’s locking up the muscle i’m trying to rub. checking and changing the position of the body often is a good idea.

anyway, we smooth out my mate’s neck, and then i push on his shoulders some more. this is what i was talking about earlier with push inward toward the core. remember that he’s sprawled backwards across my lap by now, and i’m half laying backwards too. i can push his shoulders roughly the same direction as his tail, and i do, with all my strength.

he yarfs. his shoulders are always tight.

we keep being intimate for a while, but i guess this writeup is mostly done.

my main takeaways are:

  1. a massage is pushing inward toward the core, not downward into the bed.

  2. the seven chakra, and how they project onto the front and back sides of the body. the closer to horizontal those front and back projections are, the more in-alignment the body is.

later that night my mate is practicing what he learned and ends up rubbing my mind chakra from the front and back at the same time. it sparkles my whole universe and i get lost in the sensation, utterly at his mercy.

squeakle-yarf <3 <3

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