day eleven

i guess my role in life now is i can piss anyone off to the point they want to hit me. i mean, the other night, even fox slapped me across the face

you know what i was doing at the time? defending cheetah

like, i was acknowledging that cheetah’s behavior was inexcusable but claiming he was my responsibility anyway. fox was trying to get me to understand details on why cheetah’s behavior was inexcusable. i was talking over him to once again acknowledge the larger point, and he took my my water bottle, threw it at the floor, then slapped me

it really kind of surprised me. fox has always struck me as the most gentle person in the world

and seriously, my poor water bottle, again? i think it’s cursed. i’m going to throw this bottle out and get a new one, just in case

fox feels like a total heel about it

i ‘unno. that same evening we had one uber driver decline to pick us up, and the next one cranked his radio to some talk show to drown us out before finally reporting us for not wearing masks – we were – so maybe i was putting off demon vibes all night long or something

tomorrow i’ll have been here for a week. seems like it might be time to leave. think i’ll head toward home, or at least out of denver

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