“Demon Wants!!”

i’m fortunate enough to be in a better position than most

yet i’m still mortal, and have a whole pile of wants

updated: january 17, 2022

Dozens of Dollars

  • moar sweatshirts
  • moar solar yard lights
  • new bath towels


Hundreds of Dollars

  • Patreon budget
  • small collection of 12v batteries


Thousands of Dollars

  • haus - fix front gutter & repaint exterior
  • laptop computer for each of my mates
  • 24v battery; ~ 420 Ah @ 20h
  • mountain bike
  • generator big enough to run my welder


Dozens of Thousands of Dollars

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • ATV


Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

  • new haus


Thousands of Thousands of Dollars

  • media publishing conglomerate

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