lotions and potions


in a nutshell:

  • 2 kinds of lotion
    • glycerin-based things from a sex shop
    • hand lotion from the supermarket
  • 2 kinds of oil
    • scented things from a sex shop
    • cooking oil from the supermarket
  • cream
    • unscented, from someplace that sells professional massage supplies

if you want to use any of these, the unscented pro massage cream is really the best

“paraben-free” is a detail of bio-chemistry that matters if you come into contact with creams or lotions a lot. accordingly, if you are buying something dedicated for massage, make sure it has those words

if good cream isn’t available, forego what’s available in sex shops and just get your supplies from the supermarket

hand lotion is totally fine, though it will rub in quickly and you’ll need to often reapply. among oils, grape-seed oil is probably the best. be careful with all these though, especially runny oils, as they can permanently stain your sheets

i usually don’t use any lotions, oils, nor cream at all

this is by preference of my mates. as my technique evolved to where i could give a massage without ripping out lots of body hair, my mates seemed to be happier with a dry massage rather than a lubricated one where they felt a need to shower afterwards

other additives


massages are improved by being stoned. this is a real thing – being stoned is commonly associated with improved proprioception. that’s the internal nervous system, the one that helps you understand the motions of your own body as you move around, and what’s going on inside

as such, studying your own body while stoned is encouraged. feel free to get lost into touching your own joints and exploring their range of movement


conversely, alcohol is bad for us. it screws up all sorts of things in the physiology. we all shouldn’t drink alcohol. i mean we do drink alcohol, we just have to acknowledge it’s bad for us

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