a guide by dragon


i’m not professional, formally trained, nor licensed. i’m not telling you to do any of this. i’m simply relaying stories of what i and my mates seem to enjoy when we’re being intimate on our own private time. you can take from my words what you want, but if anything goes wrong, you wholly agree it’s not my fault and you solemnly swear to hold me blameless


this gets long, so i’ve split the guide into a number of sub-pages. i recommend reading in order, but you can jump around as your interest directs you


  1. reasons
  2. dimensions
  3. grip


  1. formal modalities
  2. lotions and potions


  1. ragdoll -- a story of chakras
  2. backrub -- a process

this guide is in-progress work. follow the team on social for announcements of when we get more written and posted

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