top favoritist books

my favorite books in the last handful-or-so of years:

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

V.E. Schwab

when i finished reading this book, i wrote on social media: never will i ever be able to write such a beautiful love story to magic as this book (though i’m sure gonna try)


A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking

T. Kingfisher

all us mages think throwing fireballs is pretty hot stuff. here, the one who has to save the city is an apprentice pastry chef, and her gift is working with bread. this book has all the warm and homely feels


Speaker For the Dead

Orson Scott Card

if you know Ender’s Game, this is the sequel. it is basically a perspective study about the war that made for the first book. villains become tragic heroes, and heroes become normal people. along side, a newly-born AI is just learning how to exist. there is one scene about her in specific that has stuck with me stronger than most stories i ever read


Sea of Rust

C. Robert Cargill

this is a terribly human story, told by androids, as a wild-west bounty-hunter shoot out. above all, it beautifully illustrates the idea that our humanity goes on, even when humankind itself has fallen



Kevin Frane

one does not reach a niche genre like “furry fiction” and expect to find actual good literature, but this book is. the style is a throwback to early fantasy, where it’s more of a free-form tumble through a dream than it is a strict adventure in plot



Stephen Graham Jones

halfway back from furries toward contemporary fantasy we find werewolves. this is a story about werewolves trying to cope with living among us. it’s not easy, or even fun, but we all just try to get along

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